Comax Develops Oak Extract

Comax Flavors (Melville, New York) has applied its advanced flavor development technologies to creating a new reduced-cost oak extract. The new oak extract can be used anywhere that fluid extract, solid extract, distillate or essence is used, and according to Thomas Buell, flavor lab manager for Comax, “Our TTB Natural Oak Fluid Extract Type Flavor can be used to replace oak fluid extract in most formulations. With less than 0.1% art top-note added, the flavor can also substitute for some or all of the oak extract in an alcoholic beverage product where the standard of identity does not apply, with no limitation on usage. While it was originally developed for alcoholic beverages, this new product can be used virtually anywhere an oak impact is desired. It is a cost-effective way of giving spirits the sophisticated complexities of aged-in-oak quality.”

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