CharmAnalysis of Two Citrus sinensis Peel Oil Volatiles

Essential orange oil is expressed from orange peel during orange juice processing and is a basic flavoring ingredient in most citrus products, The pressed oil from the Citrus sinensis variety is the most abundant and extensively used in the flavoring industry. Brazil and Florida produce the largest volumes of cold-pressed orange oil, The Florida late season Valencia and the Brazilian Pera are the two commercially available cold-pressed orange oil sources. Many of the volatile constituents of the natural product oils undergo separation based on their solubility. Then they are grouped by families according to their flavor impact for use in flavoring systems.

Therefore a major task in flavor chemistry is to distinguish the strongly odor-active compounds from the less odor-active ones. Vital to this flavor characterization and classification has been the application of sensory techniques capable of associating flavor intensity or flavor activity with each chemical constituent. Such a technique is CharmAnalysis, a procedure described elsewhere that uses gas chromatography, olfactometry and computer software to quantitate the odor significance of individual volatile constituents.

In this paper, we will examine the CharmAnalysis of the Valencia and Pera cold-pressed oils to understand how interchangeable the oils can be in beverage systems. We will also identify compounds of odor significance that can be used in flavor formulations, and target compounds for improved QC monitoring.

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