Flavor Bites: Eugenol in Flavors

Eugenol (FEMA# 2467, CAS# 17-53-0), or 2-methoxy 4-prop- 2-enyl phenol, is so strongly associated with clove that it is easy to miss the multitude of other uses for this surprisingly versatile raw material. The character of eugenol is strongly reminiscent of clove buds but is also recognizable as an integral part of the broad family of sweet-smelling substituted phenols.

The problem for flavorists, I suspect, is the clove character is very familiar and gives rise to the understandable suspicion that the use of any level of eugenol in any flavor will result in a recognizable clove note rather than integrate smoothly into the flavor. The dose rates given throughout this article are the levels suggested for use in flavors intended to be dosed at 0.05% in ready-to-drink beverages or simple bouillons.

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