Raw Material of the Week: Tobacco Extract, FG

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Sigma-Aldrich Flavors & Fragrances has launched tobacco extract, FG (CAS# 8037-19-2).

Its taste characteristics consist of being bitter, astringent, tobacco and hay-like, with a brown dried fruit aftertaste. The odor characteristics are brown, tobacco, sweet hay-Iike, leafy and herbal with a dried fruit nuance. The uses for this material include tobacco, fenugreek, mate, cedarwood, birch tar, fig, coffee and leather.

Tobacco Uses and Insights

Tobacco raw materials and ingredients can be used based on aromas and the affected smoke flavor to achieve a final product. Tobacco can also be utilized for flavor development, aroma enhancement and moisture retaining technology.

An article by Roger Penn from the Perfumer & Flavorist archives identifies six main product categories, which utilize various types of tobacco, include:

  1. Cigarettes
  2. Pipe tobacco
  3. Cigars
  4. Chewing tobacco
  5. Snuff (moist/powder)
  6. Water pipes

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