Tobacco Flavoring: An Overview

International tobacco products have some very interesing scientific, product development and marketing aspects. In this article, I'll describe the tobacco plant and its combustion chemistry. Then we’ll look at two traditional systems and several novel systems for delivering flavor in tobacco products.

In terms of flavored tobacco products around the world— at least in terms of legal ones—we probably can identify six main product categories, each utilizing various types of tobaccos, various types of product presentation and many different flavor tonalities:

Cigarettes: American blended (e.g., Marlboro, Camel), Virginia (e.g., Dunbilf, B & H, State Express 555), European (e.g., Gauloise, HB, MS), Indonesian (Kretek), Indian (Bidis); Pipe tobacco, Cigars, Chewing tobacco, Snuff (moist/powder), Water pipes - North African/Middle Eastern (Nargileh)

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