From the Experts: Overcoming Escalating Flavor Raw Material Costs

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Finding Opportunities Amid Cost Pressures

While the industry is actively looking internally at processes and efficiencies to offset price pressures, this type of environment also provides unique opportunities. How can flavor houses benefit from increasing price pressures? Innovation is the key! Customers are increasingly looking for solutions to increasing price aggravation, and flavor technologies can help provide that solution.

Replacement systems: One example of such innovation is replacement systems. It is important for us to understand our customers’ processes and challenges, and then provide systems that can reduce their dependence on them. Meat extracts, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and dairy-based ingredients are all categories that have experienced significant price aggravation recently. Flavor systems that can replace some or all of these components in the food system at lower cost is a welcome solution. During times of intense price pressure these types of solutions are valued just as highly as finding that great new flavor profile.

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Other topics discussed: Customer needs; Performance enhancement; Multi-platform flavors; Communication; Trends; Raw Materials; Processes

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