A Tea for Non-Tea Drinkers from Matchaah Holdings

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A cup of matcha tea

Matchaah Holdings, Inc. has revealed SoMATCHAAH!, a carbonated matcha tea beverage targeting non-tea drinkers.

Taking insight from Innova Market Insight reports, the company developed the beverage based on the demand for functional beverages and healthier products. Currently, the product is available in four flavors, which include lime mint, mango, raspberry and pineapple-coconut. The product also includes all-natural flavors and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

“It’s not hard to see the scale or pace of the opportunity,” said Paul Henson, CEO of Matcha Holdings, Inc. “Just look at how beverage offerings have changed in convenience stores in the last two years. They’re selling $3.00 premium beverages that previously you’d only find in health food stores. Grocery stores are dedicating multiple floors and shelf space locations to flavored sparkling waters. Functional beverages, ‘new age’ beverages, ready to drink teas—all of these categories are exploding—and it’s being driven by consumers who are demanding natural drinks that taste great but which also deliver real health benefits.”

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