Winners of 9th Art and Olfaction Awards Announced

Institute for Art and Olfaction board member Daniel Krasofski welcomed attendees to the award ceremony held at Cicada Club in Los Angeles.
Institute for Art and Olfaction board member Daniel Krasofski welcomed attendees to the award ceremony held at Cicada Club in Los Angeles.

The Institute for Art and Olfaction (IOA) has announced the winners of the 9th Art and Olfaction Awards, which aims to promote public interest and awareness of the latest developments in perfume, and recognizes outstanding creators in the Independent, Artisan, and Experimental perfume categories.

The Art and Olfaction Awards' Golden Pear statuette is presented annually to eight recipients at events held in different cities across the globe.

There are three juried categories: artisan category, independent category and the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent. There are also awards given in three discretionary categories: The Contribution to Scent Culture Award, The Septimus Piesse Award for Exceptional Vison, and the Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume.

A ceremony was held at Cicada Club in Los Angeles to recognize the winners and finalists.   

Award Winners

Independent Category Winners:

1. Fuchsrot, by Bodé Studios

Perfumer: Andreas Wilhelm for Bodé Studios, Switzerland

Creative Director:Lino Bottani, Nicola Deflorin    

2. Ierofante, by Parfums Quartana

Perfumer: Luca Maffeifor Parfums Quartana, USA

Creative Director:Joseph Quartana    

Artisan Category Winners

1. Tabacco Smeraldo, by Miguel Matos

Perfumer: Miguel Matos, Portugal

2. Voices, by House of MammothPerfumer: Benjamin Esposito, USA    

Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume Winner

La Tacita De Cafe, Extrait, by Day Three Fragrances

Perfumer: Michael Paul, USA    

Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work With Scent Winner

Salt Flowers, By Peter de Cupere, Belgium    

Septimus Piesse Visionary Award Winner

Olif, by Taylor Ahlmark & Anoria GilbertforMaak Lab, USA    

Contribution to Scent Culture Award Winner

Black Perfumers Community, By Elle N., and an international collective of 33 perfumers    

Independent Category Finalists

  • Animal Café, by ExtraVirgo
  • Flamingo, by Blackcliff
  • Hora de la Verdad, Sombra, by Senyokô
  • Los Angeles, by de Kloka X Death & Co
  • Mansa, by Pernoire
  • Room No., by Perfumehead
  • Tri-Goddess, by Sage Goddess
  • Wind Blows, by QIUHAO        

Artisan Category Finalists

  • Alter Oud, by d.grayi
  • Encore du Temps, by Meo Fusciuni
  • Filament, by nosey people society Garden Heaux, by SAMAR
  • Osmanthus Floral, by Neshama Perfume
  • Solario, by OSMOFOLIA
  • Tatami Dreams, by Tavie Belle

Sadakichi Award Finalists

  • Aerosculpture, by Maki Ueda
  • Aquanauts, by Pompe Hedengren with Karolina Stockhaus
  • Lágrimas, Terra e Crisântemo, by Karola Braga with Leandro Petit (Givaudan)
  • NEGR-OID, by Rhea Dillon
  • Scent Clock / The Koepenicker, by Patrick Palcic

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