Kerry Launches Sustainability Calculator for Dry Beverages

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Kerry’s online calculator quantifies the significant sustainability benefits for beverage providers.

Kerry has released an online, interactive sustainability calculator that enables beverage providers to examine the significant benefits of a dry beverage model.

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According to a technical life cycle assessment (LCA) study conducted by Kerry on its dry beverages, the sustainability benefits over traditional liquid beverages can be quantified—and they are substantial.

Examining five key areas of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, non-renewable energy and minerals, impacts on the ecosphere and land use, the study found:

  • 42% lower impact on non-renewable energy

  • 7% lower GHG impact

  • 18% reduction in land-use effects

  • 29% lower influence on ecosystem quality

These results were driven by factors such as reduced product weight in transit, lower packaging impact on landfills, decreased land use for packaging and less damage to the ecosystem.

Another aspect of the study showed consumers switching from sodas to natural beverages. After carbonated soft drinks, lemonades and teas dominate the category, and dry solutions for these types of craft beverages provide efficient, sustainable options for both operator and consumer. 

Clint Rogers, national account beverage lead at Kerry North America, said, “When compared with liquid beverages, shelf-stable dry beverage solutions are sustainably produced, packed and designed with cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind. But, most importantly, the beverage maintains a fresh, premium taste over an extended shelf life. Kerry’s life cycle assessment is a technical case study that reveals how costly liquid beverages are in terms of the environment and as an overall business expense, and how using dry beverages can help businesses provide premium craft-style beverages that are also environmentally friendly. Try our sustainability calculator to see what’s possible.”

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