Döhler Wins Food Innovation Award 2014 in London

Döhler won the Food Innovation Award 2014 as part of the 12th World Food Technology & Innovation Forum in London. Döhler received the Innovation Award for its breakthrough in the area of gluten-free malt extracts. 

"The award proves that our intensive research has paid off. In our daily work, Döhler aims to continuously provide its customers from the food and beverage industry with impetus for innovation and to support these ideas up to the realization of the final product,” said Marco Schmidt, head of innovation management at Döhler.

During the forum, representatives from companies within the food and beverage industry, from fields of research and development, innovation, marketing and technology, met with one another in order to discuss what will move the food market of the future. Döhler featured application-specific, gluten-free malt extracts that can be used as natural ingredients for a variety of product applications as a unique taste component, for natural coloring and sweetening.

In 2013, over 7,000 new products labeled “gluten-free” were introduced to the global food and beverage market, according to the company's research.


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