Seven Scents: 2016/17 Fall/Winter Trends and Scent Creations


With fall in the air, Seven Scents is jump starting its latest fragrance collection with the introduction of three new scents, Organic Elements, Cosmic Creations and Romantic Renaissance for Fall-Winter 2016/17. Compared to last year's trends, 2015 marks the revival of violet and oud scents, as well as winter berries (raspberries, blackberries, black currant and red berries).

  • Organic Elements: Incorporates a blend of cool spices, white woods and delicate florals. Considered a soft scent ideal for baby care, bathing products and fabric softener.
  • Cosmic Creations: A combination of fruits, powdery florals and sweet gourmand. Ideal for deodorants, hair styling and bathing applications.
  • Romantic Renaissance: A blend of dark florals and spices suited for bar soaps, male grooming and shower applications.

Each fragrance concept can be used for a variety of applications from personal care to household.

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