VIDEO: Fragrance Du Bois, Singer Team Up for Oud's Preservation

Asia Plantation Capital and its sister company Fragrance Du Bois have teamed up with the Middle East's well-known Arabic singer, Nadeem Nour, to create "Life’s Treasure - A Song for Oud" in order to help preservation of this natural ingredient (watch the music video below).

“I became fascinated when I learned that not only was much of the oud that we take for granted coming from illegal sources – not only in the past, but also today – but that it was in danger of extinction in the wild as a result," Nour said. 

Agarwood, and oud (the oil derived therefrom), is now on the the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna list of endangered species, and as such, all trade has to be legal, certified, and sustainable.

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