Asia Plantation Capital Develops Agarwood Plantation JV in Thailand

Asia Plantation Capital has formed a joint venture with the K. Pipat families in which Asia Plantation Capital will develop both an Agarwood plantation and a full visitor center on land owned by the K. Pipat families.

This project will be based upon Asia Plantation Capital's agro-forestry experience across other plantations in Thailand, as well as the model it has been studying and potentially also developing in Hainan, China. A similar project is already underway in Hong Kong as a joint venture with Chan Koon Wing and Shun Lam Farms, a third-generation agarwood farming business and last-surviving plantation in Hong Kong.

The project is also planned to appeal to the growing tourism aspects of the agarwood industry as driven by its importance across Asia, at both the rural economy level and with international trade, and the cultural significance of oud oil in the Middle East and China. The development will be in stages over a scheduled 12-month period, with works starting in November 2013 and showcased with live updates on the Asia Plantation Capital website.

Asia Plantation Capital has now developed on what is fast approaching 2000 Rai (320 hectares) in Sakon Nakhon; laid out with computerized irrigation and nutrient delivery systems as well as 24-hour monitoring. Stage two involves the construction of buildings to house a modern visitor center depicting the history and uses of Agarwood and oud oil, as well as a model-working distillery, laboratory, and a retail outlet for all end products including oud-based fragrances and related items produced by Fragrance Du Bois.

There will be a corporate sales office within the development for agarwood products and oil, export sales, as well as plantation and management services.

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