Physical and Psychological Keys to Cosmetic Usage

The physical key to cosmetic usage is product performance. The psychological key is enhanced sense of well being.

Life’s priceless riches are our five senses with which all are endowed by right of birth. Three of the fivesmell, sight and touch—find expression in cosmetic usage. Our instinctive desire to gratify our senses explains why cosmetic usage dates back to earliest historical records. It also explains cosmetics’ present popularity and forecasts continued growth until everyone everywhere can satisfy all sensory desires. However, cosmetics are perceived needs as distinguished from the real needs of food, shelter and clothing. Therefore, the rate of future growth will depend upon affordability.

Primitive formulae of natural substances stirred over an open hearth led to household recipes cooked over a kitchen stove. By the 18th and 19th centuries household recipes formed the basis of a cottage industry.

The explosive transition from small business to big business took place in the early decades of the 20th century. The emergence cannot be attributed to just one factor but resulted from the convergence of many happenings. Seven factors come to mind.

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