Japan: A Fragrance & Flavor Journey

Recently, Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (www.wffc.org) and Takasago hosted “Japan: A Fragrance & Flavor Journey.” The event was designed to entice the palette, excite the mind and stimulate the senses. The evening opened with Japanese fare consisting of unique foods and beverages in various shapes, colors, textures and aromas. A highlight was the Dragon Fruit Plum Iced Tea and Yuzu-Lemonade specialty beverages created by Takasago. Items sampled include: shrimp crackers; an assortment of interesting flavored rice crackers and cakes; sweet ginger wheat crackers; spicy sriracha and wasabi peas; vegetarian, raw and cooked sushi; edamame; and citrus- and plum-flavored waters.

This was followed by an authentic tea ceremony, hosted by Naomi Nakahashi, a certified tea master and representative of The Japanese-American Society of New Jersey. Nakahashi explained the history and meaning of the traditional and graceful tea ceremony and four lucky guests took part as the group watched and learned. Attendees sampled a deeply hued green tea and organic sugar cane treat.

To conclude the inspiring evening of modern Japanese culture, attendees smelled Takasago tea and dessert accords with perfumer Kent Lombard. Takasago designed five fragrant tea accords—traditional black tea, yellow, gyokuro, jasmine and lapsang souchong—and two dessert accords—lychee sorbet and sweet potato cake.

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