The Challenge of the 80s

It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the American Society of Perfumers to our 26th Annual Symposium. You are either a part of, or are interested in, one of the oldest and most fascinating industries, perfumery. Our annual symposiums provide us with a forum to exchange, in a prefessional way, our ideas, thoughts, and critiques. As perfumers, we are aware of the importance of contributing ideas and sharing knowledge, for through these means, we have experienced the growth our industry enjoys as we enter the challenging decade of the 80s.

As president, one of the more difficult tasks I have is to select a chairperson for the Symposium Committee. Having chaired the 1974 Symposium, I was well aware of the work and sacrifices I was asking one of my colleagues to accept. I feel I have chosen one of the most capable persons I know of to handle this challenge: James Bell.

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