Visual Fragrances: The Latest Application Trend?

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Someone holding an Amikiri product

Photo provided by Amkiri

Cosmetics company Amkiri Ltd has released the first-ever patented visual fragrance technology.

Designed by the Amikiri’s team of chemistry experts and engineers, the company developed a patented technology that allows users to apply a scented ink to their skin with a specific applicator. The product range comprises crème-like inks that combine color and fragrance with every application. The inks are to be worn visually on the skin and last for up to 12 hours.

“As a designer and a very visual and expressive person, I initially came up with the notion of Amkiri for my own personal needs. I have always loved fragrances, fashion and cosmetics, and kept trying to blend the three while experimenting constantly,” said Shoval Shavit, founder of Amikiri. “I asked myself 'How I could create a fragrance that is visual?' I wanted to blend makeup, tattoos and fragrances in one product. Fast-forward three years, and with fantastic co-founders, investors and team, we have made this dream come true, with a product which has been designed for all, that we can’t wait to share with everyone.”