Givaudan Puts You to Sleep With DreamScentz


Givaudan has announced that DreamScentza will launch during the 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Providence, Rhode Island. The patent-pending technology explores fragrance solutions to enhance mood and the sleep experience. Givaudan developed the technology in alongside specialists in neuroscience, psychology, sensory science and fragrance at its Sensory Center of Excellence in Ashford.

“We have a strong heritage of research exploring the relationship between fragrance, emotions, and behavior. DreamScentz is the innovative outcome of our research led by our esteemed team of scientists working together with academic experts. This innovative technology offers new opportunities for our customers who are interested in expanding their product portfolio to include fragrant solutions that enhance the sleeping experience for consumers around the world,” said Jeremy Compton, head of Givaudan's science and technology fragrances.

a DreamScentz is a tradename of Givaudan

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