Coty Prestige Sees First Hand How Impaired Vision is a Benefit


From the United Kingdom to Mumbai, Andrew Burton from Coty Prestige travelled to visit the College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired (COFVI). Burton decided to learn about COFVI’s perfumery course, witnessing the olfactory abilities of visuailly impaired students. Fragrance industry partners fund the program in order to allow the one-year course to be free.

The course sets out the basic principles of odor assessment in the fragrance industry, while introducing students to thousands of raw ingredients used by perfumers to create fragrances. COFVI director Renuka Thergaonkar and professor Deepak Rohr created the curriculum.

Graduates from this program have since found careers in the Indian fragrance industry as trainee evaluators, fragrance selectors and quality control technicians. A visit from Coty has given the program the potential to raise awareness of the contribution that the students can make on the fragrance industry.

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