Patent Pick: Stop Stressing


Inhale. Exhale. Now read on about the relaxing effects of grapefruit, bergamot and more, in this AmorePacific patent.

Perfume and cosmetic with anti-stress and relaxation effects
U.S. Patent 9248320
Publication date: Feb. 2, 2016
Assignee: AmorePacific Corp.

As if they had to, the inventors on this patent define stress as a state of psychological/physical tension felt under an environment to which it is difficult to adapt. And as is generally know, if stress persists, it may lead to physical ailments. Accordingly, it is essential to recognize and manage stress.

Therapies include psychological, biofeedback, progressive relaxation, aromatherapy, exercises and the like. Although they may not remove the causes of stress, these methods help to reduce the negative effects of stress on health. 

According to the patent, among these methods, aromatherapy has gained interest. The use of aroma is increasing to provide a pleasant environment at work or in public. It is well-known that essential oils relieve stress and maintain the balance of autonomic nerves, thereby enhancing immune functions. 

Disclosed herein is a perfume composition including grapefruit and bergamot oils, in addition to one or more selected from: pine, lemon, cypress, rose and armoise (mugwort) oils. The composition is suggested for aromatherapy, beauty care, cosmetics, or the like.

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