Patent Pick: 'Smell-evision' Cartridge


Olfactory display and fragrance cartridge
European Patent Application EP2916311
Publication date: Sept. 9, 2015
Assignee: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

According to this patent, various types of olfactory displays have been developed to present a fragrance (i.e., olfactory information) in cooperation with an audio-visual display of a television, personal computer, etc., to provide the consumer with a high immersion experience. Specific fragrances can be presented for given time durations by simply diffusing a fragrance in a space. However, to present a fragrance in synchronization with a scene change on an audio-visual display, a temporal control (temporal locality) of fragrance presentation becomes necessary.

Described here is an olfactory display including a main body and a fragrance source cartridge, which presents a fragrance to a range bounded in terms of time and space. An accommodation room of the display and cartridge main body are formed with surfaces inclined with respect to an insertion direction of the fragrance source cartridge.

A force is used to push the fragrance source cartridge toward an open air inlet pressed to an air supply. Accordingly, the adhesiveness of a coupling portion of the air supply port and the open air inlet increases. Therefore, the capability of the airflow source is used to generate high static pressure generated in the fragrance source cartridge for a short time.

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