IFRA Updates REACH Exposure Scenarios for Fragrance Document

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has recently updated its REACH Exposure Scenarios for Fragrance Substances document. 

The document offers step-by-step guidance on how to prepare exposure scenarios for substances used in fragrances. A list of ten identified uses is included that are recommended to be included in all registrations of fragrance substances. For the life cycle stage “formulation of fragrance compounds”, which is unique for the fragrance industry, the "Use Mapping" process, a Generic Exposure Scenario (GES) and “IFRA spERCs," or specific environmental release categories, have been specifically developed for this guidance document. For the life cycle stages further downstream, the "Use Mapping"and GESs have been based on information published by DU Associations AISE and Cosmetics Europe (the former Colipa).

This guidance document is primarily intended for IFRA members who have to register fragrance substances under REACH. To download the document, click here or visit www.ifraorg.org.

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