The Scent-Depression Link

According to a new study from Tel Aviv University,* depression may attack the limbic system, affecting the sense of smell. The researchers induced depression in mice and studied the affects on their brains. The observed results reportedly have a number of key applications, according to a ScienceDaily press release, including that depressed women may wear excess perfume due to retarded olfactive sensations. In addition, depressed women may lose weight due to failing appetites related to a dulled sense of smell. In addition, the researchers believe aromatherapy may provide a pathway to overcome the biological causes of depression.

Aside from the clinical possibilities raised by the study, the Tel Aviv University team also noted the ability of scents to enhance marketing and improve retail spaces' effectiveness in inducing purchases.

*"Induction of Autoimmune Depression in Mice by Anti Ribosomal P Antibodies via the Limbic System"

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