Symrise Breaks Ground on New Menthol Production Facility


Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Symrise’s CEO, and Hans-Georg Schmitt, head of the basic chemicals business unit at Lanxess, broke ground for a Holzminden facility that will double Symrise’s ability to produce synthetic menthols. Lanxess supplies Symrise with the intermediate products needed to manufacture menthol. The new facility, which is set to start operations in 2012, will double the company’s production of menthol in Holzminden.

Of Symrise’s increase in menthol production, Betram said, “The global demand for menthol has been increasing at double-digit rates for years now. As a result, we want to work with our long-term partner Lanxess and increase our capacity to produce synthetic menthol while strengthening our international market leadership in this strategic growth market. In addition, we are expanding our product range in the menthol sector so that our clients are able to respond to consumer preferences better and more flexibly.”

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