Oral Care Flavor Trends: Mint, Herbs and Fruit

Fresh, bright and clean. Around the globe, that’s what people want from oral care products—a fresh-feeling mouth, clean teeth and pleasant breath. For years, mint has dominated as the top flavor for toothpaste and mouthwash products around the world. Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows that this is still so: mint was the top flavor for new products launched in the past year. But other flavors and formulations are beginning to emerge as consumers look for variety and new experiences from their oral care products.

Minty Fresh Clean

Fresh breath is a key concern with oral care products, as people use them to ensure their breath stays clean throughout the day. In the past 12 months, Mintel GNPD reports that breath freshening was the top claim advertised on new toothpaste and mouthwash products globally. Because mint is a sharp, strong flavor, its refreshing taste is often connected to breath-freshening claims. Additionally, mint is familiar to many consumers, so it is easily associated with cleanliness and fresh breath. 

In Canada, Colgate-Palmolive released a new Fluoride Toothpaste under its Colgate Maxfresh brand. The toothpaste claims a whitening burst of spearmint flavor for “a whole new dimension of freshness.” Infused with 50% more dissolvable mini breath strips than before, the toothpaste now claims a total of 3,109 breath strips. 

Topaz focuses on the bacteria-fighting ability of its Brite White Revitalizing Mouthwash in the Philippines. The mouthwash contains antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that claim to kill the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath. It also features a cool, revitalizing minty flavor that leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean, so people can instantly feel the mouthwash working.

Getting Herb-y With It

As people increasingly show preference for natural and organic personal care products, botanical and herbal flavors have remained strong in oral care new product development. “Natural-sounding” flavors and ingredients make many consumers feel more at ease using mouthwash and toothpaste products. In particular, botanical ingredients appear to be common for their breath-freshening properties. 

Hangzhou Lejin Cosmetics in China features a Healthy Breathing Toothpaste under its LG Bamboo Salt brand. The packaging claims that its natural ingredients and preparation methods help it effectively clean teeth, prevent tooth decay, strengthen gums and refresh the mouth. It contains phytoncide extracted from pine needles. 

In Russia, Kalina likewise uses natural forest ingredients for its Forest Balsam Mouth Rinse with Fir. Approved by dentists and designed to fight stomatorrhagia, the mouthwash contains extracts of silver fir, aloe vera and echinacea for natural breath-freshening and mouth-cleansing capabilities. Forest Balsam brand also features a Mouth Rinse with Sage Extract in Russia.

Fruit and Gum Flavors for Kids

Though mint leads as the top flavor for adults, its sharp taste is not always appreciated by children. This drives the market for fruity and bubblegum-flavored oral care products. For toothpastes and mouthwashes aimed at children, fruit flavors dominate the market, even more so than mint. Strawberry is the most common fruit flavor, but other popular kid-approved flavors include bubblemint, tutti frutti, watermelon and orange. 

Degil Cosméticos features a Batman-themed toothpaste under its 3D brand in Mexico. 3D Batman Pasta Dental is specially designed for kids with its character-decorated packaging and its appealing flavors: Sandía y Melón (Watermelon & Melon) and Uva (Grape). 

Assanis Kids Revel'Plack Bain de Bouche Révélateur in France is a unique mouthwash that helps children see where plaque is building up on their teeth. Available in a sweet strawberry flavor, the mouthwash colors dental plaque areas red.

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) tracks new product launches, trends and innovations internationally. For additional information regarding GNPD, visit www.gnpd.com or call Mintel International at 1-312-932-0600.

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