Firmenich Opens Studio Guangzhou

Paul Andersson, president, Firmenich China (pictured).
Paul Andersson, president, Firmenich China (pictured).

Firmenich has announced the opening of its new customer experience studio in Guangzhou, China. The studio is the company’s first integrated sensorial center in South China, allowing the group to expand its offerings local consumer and customer demands for fragrance and taste solutions.

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Studio Guangzhou will focus on immersing customers in emerging trends, technologies and smell and taste experiences, grounded in Firmenich’s consumer insights. As a result, customers will be able to co-create tailor-made solutions for the evolving tastes of their consumers, in the form of creations and innovations.

At the opening event, guests were invited on a sensory voyage of discovery via the studio’s Diffusion Booth, Ideation Lab as well as on-site evaluation and creation facilities. The interactive, immersive experience enabled the participants to experience Firmenich’s approach to creating highly localized customer journeys, first-hand.

Paul Andersson, president, Firmenich China, said, “Bringing the group’s commercial, marketing and creative teams under one roof in Guangzhou, where they can co-create innovative offerings with our customers, gives us a unique position in the all-important Guangdong province after over 30 years of successful China operations. In line with Firmenich China’s Transform 2025 plan that guides our growth strategy, opening a customer-centric facility in Guangzhou reinforces our strong commitment to the country, the economy of Southern China and the fast-growing customer base in the dynamic South.”

Emmanuel Butstraen, president, Taste & Beyond, said, “Firmenich is working with its customers to shape the future of fragrance and the diet transformation of taste and beyond. We are thrilled to see China poised to become a leading consumer market globally, and this center is a key step to work more closely with our local customers. Alongside our data-driven consumer insights tailored to unique local needs, we will be very focused on providing best-in-class innovation for healthier food, including sugar and salt reduction and plant-based products, with authentic and delicious local solutions.”

Ilaria Resta, president, Perfumery, said, “The new studio epitomizes Firmenich’s “positive perfumery” ethos underscoring our belief that fragrance has an inherent power to improve quality of life in a meaningful way. China is our strategic market worldwide and being able to deliver a diverse range of benefits to an even wider base of consumers is an important element of our China expansion strategy.”

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