Elixens Releases Market Reports on Lavender, Lavandin

Elixens has released a market report on the 2011 lavender harvest, as well as the 2010–2011 lavandin season. The company reported that, in France, it is estimated the amount of land used to grow lavender has again decreased, and though satisfactory yields were reported due to favorable summer weather, French lavender production in 2011 is likely to remain low, weighing in at approximately 25–30 metric tonnes. However, Ukraine and Bulgaria produced significant yields, and overall, Elixens estimates that global production for lavender should be at about 85 metric tonnes.

The world’s lavender market also continues to be affected by the spread of information on a global level, with tight current supplies leading to increased speculation and anxiety among producers and buyers. The current price of lavender essential oil has led to limited use by only a certain number of very specific, niche markets, and the majority of users will likely be forced to adapt formulation strategies.

Elixens also reported about the tight supply conditions of lavandin as a result of lack of build-up stock and an increase of about 5% in consumption from both emerging markets and the use of lavandin over lavender. The 2011 harvest did see a significant yield, however, so Elixins expects quantities are likely to meet market demands, though the quality of the harvest has yet to be vetted. As prices continue at historic highs, producers' efforts to replant over the past several years have allowed them to renew plant stocks, and the French structural production capacity has now, to a very large extent, been restored.

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