P2 Science Launches E-Commerce Store

P2 Science has launched an e-commerce store for direct order through its website.
P2 Science has launched an e-commerce store for direct order through its website.

P2 Science, Inc. (P2) has launched an e-commerce store as part of its website.

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The fully automated store offers products in pack sizes between 500 g and 25 Kg for shipment anywhere in the United States.

Initial products in the store include a renewable fragrance ingredient and two members of the new Citropol renewable polymer platform. For now, U.S. shipping is available. International options will be added later in the month.

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Neil Burns, CEO of P2, said “For some time, many customers have been scaling up applications of our products in quantities greater than sample size but less than standard (170Kg) drum size. The P2 e-commerce store enables us to provide a smooth, fast, high quality, end-to-end experience for these customers, getting them what they need from us, when they need it.”

Ryan Cheng, business development director of P2, noted “Our customers really appreciate the ability to order with a few clicks at any hour of day or night. It supports the product development efforts of our customers by delivering the amount they need in a timely manner.”

The first products on the P2 store are:

  • Biononanal, a fragrance aldehyde that imparts a citrus, rosy odor. It is made from 100% renewable vegetable oil and therefore carries a signature scent that differentiates it from petrochemical aldehydes which contain branched alkyl chains.
  • Citropol F, a 100% vegetable derived fragrance fixative. This novel patented product increases the staying power of fragrances on skin and fabric without any off-odor.
  • Citropol 1A, a biorenewable, biocompatible and biodegradable alternative to silicones for use in many types of cosmetic, skincare and haircare products.
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