The Role of Fragrance in Product Development


In remarks on the role of fragrance in development of consumer household products, I will use the terms fragrance and perfume interchangeably with apologies to the industry purist. By consumer household products I refer to laundry products, cleaners, disinfectants and other functional mass merchandised products.

My presentation will cover:

—The importance of perfume and its interrelation with other aspects of successful product development, —An outline of key problems encountered in the selection of perfume in household cleaning products, Crystal gazing—a look at the role of fragrance in new household products by the year 2000.

The goal of my presentation is to provide the perfume industry with our view of fragrance as a key material in cleaning products. Fully realizing that most perfumers see fragrances with artistry and passion, I must confess that I am treating perfume as simply a raw material used to create another product.

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