New Perfumery Raw Materials

Nine companies presented new materials during the Thursday afternoon session. Chuck Yardley, Account Executive, and Gary Remans, Manager, Odor Control, Chem-Fleur International, introduced three new materials: Cyclomethylene Citronellol (CMC) 3-(4-methyl cyclohex-3-ene ) butanol, a warm herbaceous floral which adds support and body, blends well in florals, especially jasmin, honeysuckle and carnation. It adds a natural quality to synthetic flower oils, can be a fixative or an excellent extender for woody complexes. It sells for between $5-5.15/lb.

Scentenal (methoxy dicyclopentadiene carboxaldehyde) is a fresh ozony, sea-breeze type odor with floral and green characters. It can be used in all perfume types to support and add lift. It blends well in florals, especially muguet. It can be used to modify green or aloe and cucumber effects. It sells for between $8-8.15/lb.

Trifernal (3-phenyl butanal) has a powerful foliage, green odor. It can be used for a natural leafy, stemy green effect. It blends well with citrus, herbal and certain floral accords. Only a small amount can add lift and power to a fragrance. It sells for between $7.50-7.65/lb.

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