Aromatherapy—The Sensual Science


Aromatherapy is a sensual science, turning on two of our most powerful senses--smell and touch. The real magic of it is that it also turns on the belief system, with profound psychological and physiological benefits.

Since you are all the leading conoscenti of the fragrance and cosmetic world, I don't have to tell you that aromatherapy, the ancient art and science of using fragrance to enhance and heal, has finally arrived in America. We have been a bit slow to embrace its wondrous potential, but other continents have known its value since the Egyptians wrapped up their first mummy in rare resinous extracts.

The time for aromatherapy has come and will continue far beyond our lifetimes because there is a consumer need for what both aromatherapy products and treatment have to offer--total relaxation of mind and body, revival of energy and renewal of the skin.

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