Essential Oils Of Tagetes minuta From Brazil

The Tagetes genus, which is widespread throughout the world, is very rich in species containing essential oils, like most members of the Compositae family. A new interest in the essential oil of Tagetes minuta L. has been growing recently due to its flavor and fragrance properties. However, the increase in diseases caused by the mosquito Aedis aegypti in Brazil has stimulated research toward control of this insect using non-classical approaches.

Reports that a component of T. minuta oil (5 E)-ocimenone, known as trans-tagetenone, kills (in 40 ppm concentration) 100% of Aedis aegypti Iarvae, prompted us to make a close examination of the essential oil obtained from different locations in Brazil to examine their effect against this dreadful pest.

Results and discussion

Although the chemical composition of the essential oil of T. minuta is well documented in the literature, there is only one report about a Brazilian oil together with its comparison with a commercial sample.

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