Geraniol is one of the most organoleptically complicated aroma chemicals found on the market today and shows its complex nature by tbe number of geraniol grades offered (Table I). The product we refer to as “geraniol” is in reality a mixture of two cis-trans isomers properly named geraniol (trans) and nerol (cis).

Geraniol was found originally in geranium oil and thus was named “geraniol,” while its isomer, nerol, was found in neroli oil. Thus, the organoleptic tone of each grade of geraniol offered on the market is colored by its cis-trans ratio.

In addition to its total “geraniols” content, the product is also colored by its production process and resulting impurities, A further market complication is the existence of both synthetic geraniol and natural geraniol from at least three sources, Rhodinol is a further complication because it is a mixture of geraniol-nerol and citronellol, plus minor quantities of other items.

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