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Ammi visnaga oil

The fruit (seed) oil of Ammi visnaga L., known as visnaga oil or khella oil, is a low-volume oil that possesses some similarities to a green mixture of Roman chamomile and tagetes oils.

Stahl (1981) reported that the oil of A. visnaga contained linalool, cis- and trans-linalool oxide (furanoid form), a-terpineol, terpinen-4-ol, camphor and carvone. Stahl and Sinnwell (1986) reported the isolation of a diterpenoid ester in A. visnaga oil at a level of 0.03%. Structural elucidation revealed that this compound was characterized as 4-acetyoxymethyl-2-[(5-methyl-1- methylene)-4-hexenyl]-1-methyl-1-(4- methyl-3-pentenyl)-cyclobutane.

detailed analysis of an oil of A. visnaga of Moroccan origin. Initially Maupetit separated the oil into a basic fraction (0.02%), a phenolic fraction (0.6%), an acid/lactone fraction (0.24%) and a neutral fraction (99%). The neutral fraction was further separated into a hydrocarbon fraction (7%), an ether/oxide fraction (3.8%), an alcohol fraction (23%), an ester fraction (65%) and a ketone fraction (0.14%).

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