Molecule of the Month: Cyclooctenyl Methyl Carbonate

Cyclooctenyl methyl carbonate is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a floral, violet, banana odor. The material is neither found in nature, nor subject to EU fragrance allergen labeling. Its olfactory profile is floral, violet leaf, green and tagette, with fruity banana notes.

The commercial material is a mixture containing (among others) carbonic acid methyl ester octahydro-pentalen- 1-yl ester, and cyclooct-4-en-1-yl methyl carbonate as the primary component.

Cyclooctenyl methyl carbonate is used in agrumen, aldehydic, alpine bouquet, amaryllis, apple and apple blossom fragrances. Its recommended use level in the final product is up to 2%.


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