The Characteristics of Lavender Oils from Eastern Europe

The following lavender oils were exam– ined in this study:

• Type I — Bulgaria (30 oils over a period of two years)

• Type II — France (more than 200 samples over a period of 15 years)

• Type III — Ukraine (22 oils) • Type IV — Australia (46 oils over a period of fi ve years)

• Type V — Moldova (6 oils) All of these types are 100 percent clonal lavender.

Population types were excluded from the study. Methodology Chemical analysis: An objective, scientifi c analysis of the oil samples was conducted by GC and GC/MS. Additionally, the results obtained were checked for typical properties against those published for the various origins in the International Standard for Oils of Lavender, ISO 3515. The statistical mean value was then calculated and used.

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