Natural aromatic raw materials in the 80s

Some perfumers seem to be concerned with the future of natural essential oils and with the decision they face, of including or not including any more naturals in their formulas. They are considering possible problems of availability, and the high prices for some materials that they think they cannot afford.

On the other hand, everyone knows that naturals bring to a formula something that no chemical does, that naturals round chemicals, and that naturals can be used in such small percentages, due to their strength, that the cost of the concentrate does not matter too much.

As you all know better than I do, naturals and chemicals are a marriage of convenience. The purpose of this presentation is to give evidence that shows that naturals will be available and usable in the 80s at a price/quality ratio that will help greatly in the creation of formulas and concentrates. Evidence also that the price of the naturals will tend to match the gap of the chemicals, as they often did during the past two or three year. This will be even more likely with the oil price problem and its influence on petrochemistry.

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