Synthesis and odor characteristics of some analogs of acyclic sesquiterpenoids

Acyclic sesquiterpenoids (nerolidol, farnesol, α- and β-sinesal) reveal very interesting odor qualities as well as good blending and fixative properties. However, a lack of inexpensive natural sources for their production and the complex multistage methods needed for their synthesis from chemical raw materials limit their use in perfumery.

These are the reasons for our study of the syntheses of close analogs of acyclic sesquiterpenoids. Such materials might show similar odor qualities and could become interesting perfume products; the relatively simple methods of synthesis of the analogs result in lower prices.

Following these assumptions we have designed and accomplished, on a large laboratory scale, syntheses of several close analogs of acyclic sesquiterpenoids, some of which reveal very interesting odor qualities.

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