FiFi Perfume Extraordinaire Award Recognizes Signature, Quality and Creativity

See video of the acceptance here.

“I strongly believe, and I am sure all the perfumers present today will agree, that by using our beautiful palette of ingredients to its full potential, we can create quality fragrances that have character and signature, are diffusive and easy for the consumer to wear," said Firmenich master perfumer Harry Fremont, accepting the 2010 FiFi Award for Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year on behalf of himself and his company for their work on Tom Ford Grey Vetiver (Tom Ford Beauty/Estee Lauder Co.). Fremont continued, "This standard of quality creates more passion, emotion and attraction for the fragrance itself, key elements for repeat purchase and perennial success.” The award, presented during the New York-based FiFi award ceremony, recognizes extraordinary fragrance creation and the olfactive vision of the perfumer. According to an official release, "The award is about craftsmanship and measures the aesthetic beauty of a fragrance for signature, creativity and quality."


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