Chris Rusak Launches Artisanal Line of Fragrances


Visual and scent artist, Chris Rusak has announced the launch of his first line of artisanal fragrances.

Referencing classical fragrance style, the set of three scents are inspired by color theory, garage house music and German philosophy. The fragrance line  includes:

  • Io. An incense perfume with notes of dirt, cedar detritus, peat, frankincense, cypress leaves, dried peppers, forest-fire smoke, tree resin and labdanum. 
  • 33. A fresh green vetiver scent with notes of orris, angelica root, cypriol, fennel and hyraceum.
  • Quasi una absurdia. A classic floral scent with floral composition with notes of mint, orange blossom, bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine grandiflorum, benzoin, clove and lily pollen.

In addition to this set of fragrances, Chris Rusak offers his Studio Series, a collection of scents chronologically ordered through various times in its composition.

"I think with the growing interest in indie perfumers, there has been a concurrent desire for demystification in perfumery," said Rusak. "We've seen perfumers like Christophe Laudamiel do this with his open source formulae, and my Studio Series provides perfume collectors direct access to the perfumer's process."

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