Scentbird Matches Latest Fragrances to Zodiac Signs

The list matches Dolce & Gabbana's 18 La Lune to Pisces, for the sign's artistic and visionary characteristics.
The list matches Dolce & Gabbana's 18 La Lune to Pisces, for the sign's artistic and visionary characteristics.

As a way to assist consumers to find their ideal fragrance match, Scentbird has curated a list of the latest fine fragrance launches to its correlating zodiac sign based on notes and other factors.

 The following matches have been selected by Scentbird:

  • Aries have a tendancy to stand out in the crowd, so they are typically drawn to intense and magnetic scents such as Kat Von D’s Saint.
  • With the most expensive taste in the entire constellation, Taurus’ prefer luxe scents making Clive Christian Rock Rose a great choice.
  • Blending white florals with pear and citrus, Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris is just a complex as Geminis.
  • Beachy elements like coconut and sea salt found in Arquiste's Sydney Rock Pool will transport the imaginative Cancer to the tropics.
  • Vibrant and in-your-face, Tocca Gia’s rose and pink pepper blend is the perfect complement for the fiery Leo.
  • For the Virgo who is always on the go, Atelier Bloem’s Extraordinary Tulip features a balanced floral mix to help remember to stop and smell the rosesor in this case tulips.
  • The elegant white floral blend of Philosophy Amazing Grace Magnolia is every bit as sophisticated as a Libra.
  • Not unlike a Scorpio’s ambitious drive, the spice-forward Kenneth Cole Intensity goes for the bold.
  • For the artistic & visionary Pisces, Dolce & Gabbana 18 La Lune features a steady, creative pulse to match their own.
  • For the Sagittarius who likes to see the world through rose-tinted lenses, Nest Fragrances Wild Poppy is a perfect pair to your optimistic outlook.
  • Fitting for one of the most serious signs in the zodiac, the equally intense Malin + Goetz Dark Rum is perfect for the driven Capricorn.
  • Kate Spade New York Full Bloom Blush features an airy floral mix that complements the free-spirited nature of an Aquarius.

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