IFF Develops Fragrance for Watermill Charity Event

To help benefit The Watermill Center at Voluptuous Panic: The 18th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit, an event that works to help Watermill provide an environment for young and emerging artists to explore new ideas and foster career development that is being held July 30, 2011, IFF senior perfumer Loc Dong created a limited edition fragrance, Black Rider. The scent was created by Dong for Watermill founder Robert Wilson's upcoming 70th birthday, and 70 bottles of the fragrance will be auctioned off at the event.

"I am quite excited to be the inspiration of a scent,” said Wilson. “It has been a true privilege to work with IFF, Loc Dong and their fantastic team. I always thought that scent is part of the artistic family of music, light, image, architecture." Dong noted, “I am honored to be chosen to acknowledge Robert Wilson on the special occasion of his 70th birthday. Black Rider is a celebration in scent of Robert's extraordinary artistic career, as well as his dedication to helping artists from all over the world develop and explore their passions.”

The fragrance, which is named after a Wilson theatrical production by the same name, marks the second collaboration between Watermill and IFF. Previously, in 2010, Dong spent two weeks as an artist in residence with the program, and this year, IFF perfumer Celine Barel will become an artist in residence. “This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with such a wealth of artistic talent sequestered together for the sole purpose of pushing creative boundaries in a nurturing environment,” said Barel. “I am excited to take this inspiration back to the lab with me to create exciting new fragrances for our customers.”

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