Game Character Kirby Gets its Own Perfume

Kirby Mystic Perfume. Photo: Kirby Portal.
Kirby Mystic Perfume. Photo: Kirby Portal.

Kirby is getting its own perfume, according to the official Twitter account of Kirby: Right Back at the Stars.

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Kirby Mystic Perfume is released from the Extra Artworks series, which is an officially drawn design for goods, per Kirby Portal.

This series is a redesign of the villains that Kirby has encountered including Marx (1996), Zero (1998), Magolor (2011), Queen Sectonia (2014), Star Dream (2016) and Void Termina (2018).

Kirby Portal is planning a pre-sale event at Animate and Pupupu Market in Kiddy Land, spring 2021. 


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