The Role of Men’s Fragrance Advertising in the Mating Game

I feel a very special kinship to fragrance suppliers. As an advertising man, I too, have worked with marketing management in the fragrance and cosmetics industry. So we have served the same master. Those of you who work on new products, from salesperson to perfumer, struggle daily with the client’s perception of the consumer. Therefore, after approval of final submission, you must wait with some interest to see how your client communicates the fragrance in advertising. This is my subject.

What motivates a man to wear fragrance on his body? He certainly doesn’t apply cologne to close his facial pores or tone his skin. I believe the primary if not sole purpose is to make a sexual statement or communicate a sexual message. Everyone has a perception of themselves which they would like to impart to others. The fragrance a man chooses to wear is selected to help him promote and support that message. That message is “I’m sexy” . . . “I’m virile” . . . “I’m manly” . . . “I’m sophisticated” . “I’m worldly” . . . “ I’m successful” or any combination of these. Any male, regardless of his sexual proclivity, who denies using fragrance for those reasons is either lying or out of touch with his inner feelings.

The premise is clearly supported by the advertising being created in the industry. The methods vary. The claims are interpreted in many ways. But the intent is the same.

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