Perfumery: Evolution of Its Techniques—Part I

Throughout my professional life I have placed all my enthusiasm, effort and vocation at the service of perfumery and of art. As I present my ideas, the fruit of study and reflexion, I hope to contribute to the enriching dialogue that has characterized these Perfumers’ Conventions for more than five years.

Perfumery has evolved and is evolving, But this evolution doesn’t mean in any way a break with the past. I don’t think that the perfumery of today is better or worse than it was before. The science continues, and those who work in this field continue to strive.

We are enriched by the experience that the perfumers of the past have handed down to us. The mystery that they have enclosed in their fantastic perfumes is like a part of them that will never die. Who hasn’t, when studying their perfumes, been impressed by the character of these great people of the past.

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