The Creative Perfumery Competition

The second Creative Perfumery Competition produced entries from 18 countries, and an excellect response from perfumers. The competition was based on the use of the aroma chemical Pseudojasmone from Emery Chemicals, to be used at a minimum level of 2.5%.

The judges for this competition were William Whitehead, The Procter & Gamble Company, USA; A. G. Van Loveren, Takasago International, USA; Guy Robert, PFW Fragrances, France; Benno Streschnak, Henkel, Germany; and J. C. Henry, Colgate Palmolive, France.

The success of this second competition proves that the concept of featuring a single new aroma chemical for the purpose of exercising a perfumer’s creative potential has both an appeal to perfumers willing to take the time and trouble to work on an independent project, and the utility of providing a focus for new, experimental perfumery work.

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