ESOMAR Seminar

"Fine Fragrances and Fragrances in Consumer Products — Using Research for Development and Optimisation” ESOMAR Seminar, London 13-15 November 1991.

ESOMAR is the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, and the “research to which the seminar’s title refers to is marketing or consumer research. The seminar continued a series which had been initiated hy a similar event held in Lyons in 1989. While in Lyons, the program included research both on flavors and fragrances, the London seminar focused on fragrances exclusively, not through any design on the part of the organizers, but as a result of the responses to the call for papers.

The main body of papers presented centered around questions of obtaining meaningful and valid responses from untrained respondents regarding both acceptance and qualitative perceptions. From these papers and from the discussions at the end of their presentation, a consensus emerged on several points:

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