Emerald Kalama Chemical’s Expanded Portfolio Addresses Latest Fragrance Trends

Lily of the valley

Earthy, natural, floral, fresh and citrus notes all play an important role in today’s fine fragrances, personal care and household products. Emerald Kalama Chemical, a leading supplier of high purity, nature-identical flavor and fragrance ingredients recently expanded their portfolio of Kalama® aroma chemicals to include an increased range of ingredients derived from benzaldehyde and terpenes, as well as Kalama® Florosol, a full-bodied lily note, when the company completed the acquisition of UK-based Innospec Widnes Ltd, now Emerald Kalama Chemical Limited.

Emerald has continued to explore growing consumer applications, as well as finding new ways of providing for emerging industry trends with their expanded product line.

Woody, Earthy, Natural Notes

Many of today's household care products rely on complex, layered aromas to simulate the feel of a natural environment. For example, Kalama® Vetimoss is novel for its lush, grounded character reminiscent of outdoors, damp wood, vegetation and potatoes, which can simulate the scent of the forest floor. Vetimoss is a possible replacement for isobutyl quinoline or for natural oak moss, which has been associated with concerns and formulation limitations.

Another popular aroma is the flowery-woody notes of high quality sandalwood, such as Osyrol®, which provides a natural, warm, modern edge, especially popular for "cozy" fragrance blends, where consumers can thrive on fragrances that make them feel close to nature, creating a serene ambiance. They may be combined with gourmand notes such as vanilla to create a warm, comforting escape in air fresheners, candles, laundry care and other products.

Another popular space for these notes is in men's personal care products. Woody tones create a masculine profile for many products to set them apart, but are also increasingly used to bring alluring appeal to products geared toward women. They may be combined with chypre fragrance for a romantic evening fragrance or with sweeter, amber notes for a warm profile.

A list of ingredients

Earthy, natural, floral, fresh and citrus notes all play an important role in today’s fine fragrances, personal care and household products.

Fresh, Green, Marine Notes

Lighter, greener interpretations of "outdoor," "natural" fragrances continue to grow in popularity in personal/household care and fine fragrance. This type of profile is much lighter and fresher, also creating a natural feel, which many consumers may find less cloying for certain applications. Notes such as floral, citrus and aldehydes may lend complexity to this type of blend. For example, Kalama® Isofreshal has intense, fatty-green, aldehydic, metallic notes and adds lift to many fragrances with other pine, citrus or floral notes.

Other new aromas include Delicate, Floral Notes --associated with luxury, delicacy and complexity. Modern florals incorporate soft, fresh, green notes such as Lilestralis® Pure, with light, green lily notes that are strongly diffusive.

Fruity or Citrus Notes bring an invigorating, effervescent quality, not just for traditional household cleaners, but also fine fragrance and personal care applications incorporating fresh or ozonic notes, or even earthy or Mediterranean notes for a modern appeal. For example, Kalama® Citralis PQ is a fresh, rosy-citrus-ozone aroma with a hint of lily.

Emerald produces ingredients to meet or exceed the highest standards for quality and purity, including FSSC 22000, NF/FCC, ISO-9001 and 14001, c-GMP, and OHSAS. Visit WPC Booth #531.


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