F&F Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

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The recent sustainability initiatives include refillable packaging and reduced waste and plastic by companies.

Over the last few months, the F&F industry has seen a surge in sustainable packaging efforts, ranging from recycled plastics to refillable bottles to creative, biodegradable materials.

As more and more companies strive to deliver to the demand of sustainable packaging, P&F+ has put together a list of some of the most recent innovations.

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Hermès recently debuted a new men’s fragrance, H24, in a refillable bottle.

Jo Loves also introduced its Fragrance Paintbrush, which was vegan, cruelty free and refillable.

Oh.So launched a refillable bottle version of its organic hand sanitizer.

Mugler debuted its Angel Nova, adding a refill option for a separate price.

Potion Paris launched a reusable perfume program called Return, Refill, Repeat.

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Ånd Fragrance released a solid perfume encapsulated by Ecuadorian tagua nuts with recycled drink can caps.

Solutions Parfum launched a solid bath line for hotels and guesthouses to reduce plastic waste.

In the business sector, BASF expanded its global PGM refining facility to recover precious metals for reuse in fresh catalysts.

Kao announced it will use 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic for its packaging for the first time in Japan.

DSM launched a new coalition, CirculariTeam, to transition towards renewable bio and recycled based resources.

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