MG Gülçiçek R&D Receives Government Backing


MG Gülçiçek International Fragrance Company can now boast the first government-certified R&D center of its type in Turkey, the 472nd overall.

Currently in the works is research on “plug and play” timed fragrance release formulations, along with in-house chemical synthesis of aromatic compounds. The company will continue work on nine of its 10 proposed projects.

“We are proud of our nine major state-of-the art integrated synthetic organic chemistry and physical chemistry-based projects that will carry this company into the next decade,” said Erol Gülçiçek, R&D program co-director, MG Gülçiçek.

With its government backing, the center has access to tax reductions and exemptions from import and customs duties and tariffs, along with additional income tax deductions on R&D funds and exemption from certain employer-based social security contributions.

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